LCI offers a wide range of logistical support services to meet the needs of its customers. By having full in-house control through integration with Laughlin Trucking, Inc., all shipments are constantly monitored and on-time delivery is a promise you can rely on.

Whether the mode of transportation is truck, rail or containerized shipment, our staff has the technical skills to meet customer demands.

Thanks to our large network of agricultural vendors — both domestic and international — our ability to recognize pricing opportunities allows our customers to compete in a very complex market environment.


At LCI we're committed to being a reliable trading partner to our vendors and customers, and we're always looking for innovative ways to grow our business relationships. Our constant commitment to finding solutions and building long-term strategic partnerships keeps our customers on the leading edge in ideas and products.

We set the pace in innovative products and services while providing our customers the highest in quality, trust and expertise. Our many specialized groups continually provide an array of premium services and ingredients which together represent the LCI family of offerings.